jeudi 28 juin 2007

Millie Jackson

Three albums from Millie Jackson's enough to appreciate the skills of that much underated soul lady.
Here's her first good album (her third actually, I Still Got To Try One Time), her masterpiece (Caught Up) and its very nice follow-up (Still Caught Up) for your listening pleasure!

I Got to Try It One Time (1974)

1. How Do You Feel The Morning After
2. I Got To Try It One Time
3. Get Your Love Right
4. Gospel Truth
5. My Love Is So Fly
6. One Night Stand
7. A Letter Full Of Tears
8. I Gotta Do Something About Myself
9. Watch The One Who Brings You The News
10. In The Wash

Caught Up (1974)

1. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right
2. The Rap
3. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right (Reprise)
4. All I Want Is A Fighting Chance
5. I’m Tired Of Hiding
6. It’s All Over But The Shouting
7. So Easy Going, So Hard Coming Back
8. I’m Through Trying To Prove My Love To You
9. Summer (The First Time)

Still Caught Up (1975)

1. Loving Arms
2. Making The Best Of A Bad Situation
3. The Memory Of A Wife
4. Tell Her It’s Over
5. Do What Makes You Satisfied
6. You Can’t Stand The Thought Of Another Man Loving Me
7. Leftovers
8. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)

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mercredi 27 juin 2007

Motörhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (1981)

20th anniversary edition

Re released in 2001 as 2 CD collection features the entirety of the original 'No Sleep…' album, bonus tracks, plus a bonus CD of eleven previously unreleased recordings from the same tour. The album has been remastered under the auspices of 'Fast' Eddie Clarke himself!
All that mellow music might have put you to sleep so here's a little something to wake up and kick some fooking ass!!!
Lemmy rules and Motörhead had never been that good since!

1. Ace Of Spades
2. Stay Clean
3. Metropolis
4. The Hammer
5. Capricorn
6. No Class
7. (We Are) The Roadcrew
8. Bite The Bullet/The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
9. Overkill
10. Bomber
11. Motörhead
Bonus tracks:
12. Over The Top
13. Shoot You In The Back
14. Jailbait
15. Leaving Here
16. Fire Fire
17. Too Late, Too Late
18. Bite The Bullet/The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

Bonus cd:
1. Ace of Spades
2. Stay Clean
3. Metropolis
4. The Hammer
5. Iron Horse - Born To Lose
6. No Class
7. Overkill
8. (We Are) The Road Crew
9. Capricorn
10. Bomber
11. Motörhead

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mardi 26 juin 2007

Leon Ware - Musical Massage (1976)


Leon Ware was one of the most prolific soul songwriters of the 1970's. There were collaborations with Ike & Tina Turner, Quincy Jones, and the incomparable Minnie Riperton. He was a Motown man, though, thanks to the work he penned for the Miracles and Jackson 5 among others, and by 1975 he was ready to record Musical Massage for the company when Marvin Gaye heard a cassette of his material and begged Ware to give him some of the tracks to expand his romantic classic, I Want You.

Ware was already serving as producer on Gaye's album and three of his demo tracks with co-producer T-Boy Ross were already set for inclusion. Before long, Ware had songwriting credits on every single song, but, far more importantly, his arrangements solidified the suite-like theme for the album, which deserves as much mention as Gaye's seductive vocal presence.

It is impossible to listen to the reissue of Musical Massage and not hear the strains of I Want You. The album followed Gaye's and did not receive the support it probably needed to distinguish itself from not just I Want You, but also the similarly timed releases by Jones and Riperton which benefited from Ware's masterful touch.

Despite the fact that Gaye's voice may carry further, old school lovermen-in-training would do well to lay back and let Ware's Musical Massage teach them how to do a body right.

1. Learning How To Love You
2. Instant Love - (with Minnie Riperton)
3. Body Heat
4. Share Your Love
5. Holiday
6. Phantom Lover
7. Journey Into You
8. Musical Massage
9. French Waltz
10. Turn Out The Light
bonus tracks
11. I Wanna Be Where You Are
12. Comfort (A.K.A. Come Live With Me, Angel) - (with Minnie Riperton)
13. Long Time No See
14. Don't You Wanna Come - (demo)
15. You Are The Way You Are - (demo)

Leon Ware - Vocals, Producer
Minnie Riperton - Guest Vocals
Ray Parker, Jr. - Guitar
David T. Walker - Guitar
Chuck Rainey - Bass
John Barnes - Keyboards
Sonny Burke - Keyboards
Jerry Peters - Keyboards
Merry Clayton - Vocals (bckgr)
Felicia Griner - Vocals (bckgr)
Jessie Smith - Vocals (bckgr)
Eddie "Bongo" Brown - Conga
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Bobbye Hall - Percussion
James Gadson - Drums

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Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall Showcase (1981/1997)


Nightfall is a reggae classic that just doesn't grow old- and this reissue is even better due to the inclusion of the dubs.
If you listen to the title track, just once, you'll never get it out of your head.
Heavy Heavy riddims by the Roots Radics.

1. Back Off Ringcraft
2. Ringcraft Dub
3. Kiss Somebody
4. Kiss Kiss Dub
5. Reach The Top
6. Rude Boy
7. Nightfall
8. Nightfall Dubbing
9. Love Comes And Goes
10. Girl Of My Complexion
11. Little Lover (Discomix)
12. Turn Me On
13. Marijuana Tree
14. Qua She
15. Qua She Take Over (Ringo)
16. Come Along (Freddie McKay)
17. Qua She Dub

Johnny Osbourne - Vocals
Flabba Holt - Bass
Gladstone Anderson - Keyboards
Winston Wright - Keyboards
Ansel Collins - Keyboards
Noel Sowell Bailey - Guitar
Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont - Guitar
Felix "Deadly Headley" Bennett - Saxophone
Bobby Ellis - Trumpet
Dean Fraser - Saxophone
Chico Hamilton - Trumpet
David Madden - Trumpet
Nambo Robinson - Trombone
Style Scott - Drums
Noel "Scully" Simms - Percussion
Sky Juice - Percussion
Uziah "Sticky" Thompson - Percussion

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Marvin Gaye - What's Going on (1971)


1. What's Going On
2. What's Happening Brother
3. Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)
4. Save The Children
5. God Is Love
6. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
7. Right On
8. Wholy Holy
9. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Marvin Gaye - Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Joe Messina - Guitar
Earl Van Dyke - Guitar
Robert White - Guitar
Bob Babbitt - Bass
James Jamerson - Bass
Chet Forest - Drums
Eli Fountain - Alto Sax
Wild Bill Moore - Tenor Sax
David Van De Pitte - Arranger, Conductor

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A fantastic collection of 60s & 70s funk/soul combo (both their albums actually).
This is a delight for anyone with an interest in funk and breaks.
Can you afford to miss this?

1971: What Is It

1. Down In The Ghetto
2. Get Ready
3. Burning Spear
4. Express Yourself
5. Soul
6. Message From A Black Man
7. Memphis Underground

1972: Can You Feel It

1. Can You Feel It
2. Tell It Like It Is
3. Do What Ever You Want To Do
4. Peace Of Mind
5. My Cherie Amour
6. Love, Peace And Power
7. To Mend A Broken Heart
8. Sleeping Beauty

Lee Lovett - bass
Gus Hawkins - sax/flute
Paul Stubblefield - drums
Larry Hancock - vocals/organ
Walter Winston - guitar (1971)
Bernard (Beloyd) Taylor - guitar (1972)

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