samedi 28 juillet 2007

Angelo Branduardi
Futuro Antico IV (2007)

01. Viva sempre (Baldassarre Donato)
02. Lo scherzo - Le vecchie per invidia (Adriano Willaert)
03. Lo scherzo - L'è pur forza (Vincenzo Bellaver)
04. Lo scherzo - Vecchie letrose (Adriano Willaert)
05. Lo scherzo - Sempre mi ride (Adriano Willaert)
06. Le maschere - Capricciata e contrappunto bestiale (Adriano Banchieri)
07. Le maschere - Zefiro torna, ciaccona (Claudio Monteverdi)
08. Le maschere - O bene mio (Adriano Willaert)
09. Sogno d'amore - Un cavalier di Spagna (Francesco Patavino)
10. Sogno d'amore - Baci cara (Flaminio Corradi)
11. Sogno d'amore - La verginella (Andrea Gabrieli)
12. Sogno d'amore - Cara Nina (Anonimo)
13. Croce delizia d'amore - Tutto il dì (Vincenzo Bellaver)
14. Croce delizia d'amore - Tant que vivrai (Claudin de Sermisy / Domenico Bianchini)
15. Croce delizia d'amore - Zefiro torna, madrigale (Claudio Monteverdi)
16. Croce delizia d'amore - Maledetto sia l'aspetto (Claudio Monteverdi)
17. Il ballo e la festa - Gli amanti morescano (Adriano Banchieri)
18. Il ballo e la festa - Donne, venite alla festa (Francesco Patavino)
19. Il ballo e la festa - Viva sempre (Baldassarre Donato)

Francesca Torelli: direzione, liuto, tiorba, chitarra barocca e voce
Gianfranco Ricci, Diego Castelli: violini barocchi
Luigi Lupo, Rossella Pozzer: flauti dolci
Stefano Vezzani: bombarda, flauto dolce
Mauro Morini: trombone
Cristiano Contadin: viola da gamba
Luisa Baldassari: spinetta
Paolo Simonazzi: ghironda
Germano Cavazzoli: percussioni

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Chris Thomas
Cry Of The Prophets (1990)

Thomas whipped up a fine debut, full of gospel urgency ("Dance to the Music") and hard rock bite.

1. Angel Lady/Heart & Soul
2. Wanna Die With A Smile On My Face
3. Help Us, Somebody
4. Dance To The Music Till My Savior Comes
5. I'm Gonna Make It
6. Alpha-omega
7. All Nite Long
8. Last Real Man
9. I Need You
10. Cry Of The Prophets

Chris Thomas
21rst Century Blues... From Da 'Hood (1995)

I'm usually no fond of either rap or hip hop, yet I love this CD. Not only is this an outragous mix of 2 styles that arn't meant to be mixed, whats more it is a brilliant success. Intelligent lyrics with a message and a valid lament from THE HOOD by someone who seems to know. The musik is the usual brilliant BLUES with a very hard edge and the RAP and storytelling actually add to the overall effect. It took a number of listens to get into this hybrid, but it has so much originality and quality that it will get under your skin. Don't be scared by the use of RAP, this CD cooks and sizzles and does not insult your intelligence. An unusual masterpiece by one of the most talented exponents of blues and a change of pace from his previous straight blues albums.

1. Intro
2. 21cb
3. Hellhounds
4. Kkkrossroads
5. Kickin' True Blue
6. Up from da Underground
7. Blues from da 'Hood
8. Gambler
9. Time Bomb
10. Homesick Blues
11. Phone Interlude
12. My Pain, Your Pleasure
13. Kill Somebody
14. Anotherdeadhomie
15. Stop

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Super Shiny Dreams (1995)

When the Sugarcubes decided to call it quits almost three years ago (the band referred to it as an "indefinite hiatus," but we all know what that means), distraught Sugarcubes fans were appeased by the announcement of an upcoming Björk solo album. Surely Björk's stuff would reflect and be influenced by the work she had done with her former bandmates. Or so we all naively assumed.
Then Debut was released, and suddenly we all realized we were going to have to share Björk with every techno-raver alive. Don't get me wrong, the dance-oriented direction of Björk's solo material isn't unbearable. It's just that the void the Sugarcubes left in my life when they broke up hasn't been filled by either of her albums.
Enter Unun, the Icelandic trio that features former Sugarcubes guitarist Thor Eldon. With the release of their debut stateside release, Super Shiny Dreams, my prayers have finally been answered.
Unun's guitar-driven catchiness rivals Tiger Trap and even Heavenly, sometimes surpassing them. Eight musicians play on the record, but the three core members are Eldon, Icelandic noise hero Dr. Gunni on bass and singer Heida.
Super Shiny Dreams is the over-the-top pop record that the Sugarcubes' quirky instincts never allowed them to make. All the stops have been pulled out with Super Shiny - it's pure ear candy from start to finish. You know when you hear a really catchy song, and then realize that if there were really epic keyboards added it would be the best song ever written? Unun uses those keyboards.
Maybe it's just an Icelandic thing, but Miss Heida sounds a lot like Björk on a really happy day after drinking way too much coffee. Unun's music definitely sets the stage for their super-catchiness, but it's Heida's hyper energy that makes this record worth listening to 20 times in a row. Her witty lyrics round out the whole picture, which she uses to discuss falling in love at a first-aid evening class ("First Aid") and falling in love with a TV star ("Kung Fu Blue"), and to compare getting fucked over by a lover to Christ being crucified in "The Good Friday": A very Good Friday/ maybe for Him who's nailed to the cross/ and excellent Friday/ for you who's nailing some uptown slut.
This is great pogo-pop with an excellent sense of humor - which is a major feat, considering that all these songs were originally written in Icelandic.

1. First Aid
2. Fistful Of Love
3. I See White
4. I See Red
5. Far
6. Unun
7. Kung Fu Blue
8. Dead & Breakfast
9. The Good Friday
10. Ve La Gonzesse
11. Sos Aurora
12. Pre`miere
13. Blow My Fuse
14. Lie To Me

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jeudi 26 juillet 2007

Mojo Nixon And The Toad Liquors
Horny Holidays (1992)

A near perfect mixture of the not-so-sacred and the extremely profane, HORNY HOLIDAYS is also one of the best rock Christmas albums ever made--think Phil Spector's A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU with a lot more laughs. Here, Nixon mangles his way through the likes of "Good King Wenceslas" (in a fit of innovation, he dispenses with the lyrics altogether, replacing them with multiple la-las), out Karloff's Karloff on a sepulchral "Mr. Grinch," and generally reworks every holiday standard here with the maximum possible amount of double entendre. Yes, there are also relatively straight renditions of Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run" and James Brown's protest classic "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto," but rest assured they're the exceptions.

Mojo "Know It All" Nixon - vocals, guitar
Pete "Wet Dawg" Gordon - vocals, piano
Sean "New Guy" McCarthy - vocals, bass
Mike "Wid" Middleton -vocals, drums
Jim "The Beast" Spake - saxophone
Al "Fish" Herring - trumpet
Robert "What Note?" Gordon - chimes

Producers: Rusty McFarland, Robert "Whamo" Gordon
Recorded at 3 Alarm Studio, Memphis, Tennessee in Decmber, 1991

1. Happy Birthday
2. Trim Yo' Tree
3. Good King Wenceslas
4. Mr. Grinch
5. Head Crushing Yuletide Sing-A-Long
6. It's Christmas Time
7. Jingle Bells
8. Boogie Woogie Santa Clause
9. Santa Clause Go Straight To The Ghetto
10. Run Rudolf Run
11. We Three Kings
12. Everyday Will Be A Holiday
13. Sleigh Ride
14. Little Man Song
15. Go Tell It On A Mountain
16. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

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mardi 24 juillet 2007

Ric Ocasek
Troublizing (1997)

Perhaps inspired by the alternative bands he produced (Weezer, Bad Religion, Hole, Nada Surf), Ric Ocasek decided to return to guitar pop with Troublizing. In many ways, its angular riffs, pulsating rhythms and catchy pop hooks echo Ocasek's days with the Cars, but co-producer Billy Corgan gives the album a heavier sound that relies on guitars. Backed with a band that features former Car Greg Hawkes, Hole's Melissa Auf der Maur, Bad Religion's Brian Baker and Corgan, Ocasek sounds more energetic than he has in years. Troublizing doesn't have too many memorable songs, but its consistency and tough sound make it his best collection of songs since Heartbeat City and his best solo.

Ric Ocasek - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Melissa Auf der Maur - Bass, Vocals
Brian Baker - Guitar
Billy Corgan Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Ira Elliot - Drums
Greg Hawkes - Keyboards
Matt Walker - Drums

1. The Next Right Moment
2. Hang on Tight
3. Crashland Consequence
4. Troublizing
5. Not Shocked
6. Situation
7. Fix on You
8. People We Know
9. Here We Go
10. Society Trance
11. Asia Minor

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samedi 21 juillet 2007

Thornetta Davis
Saturday Morning Music (1996)
Sub Pop Records

Working with her previous employers from Big Chief, specifically bassist Matt O'Brien, guitarist Phil Durr and drummer Mike Danner, turned out to be the perfect approach for Thornetta Davis' solo debut. It's not quite Big Chief with a different lead singer, happily, with Sunday Morning Music showcasing her affinity for the blues while not losing the powerful punch of that band. Davis' singing is just wonderful — she's got a rich, warm voice that she doesn't show off with, avoiding pointless vocal high jumps and wails for confident, often soaring delivery. She can really turn it on when needed, and the results on "Helpless" and the hard-rocking "The Deal" are well worth it. There's one cover song, Stevie Wonder's "You Haven't Done Nothin'," which Davis does a great job on and then some (a duo between the two would be amazing). She splits the lyrical work with album producer Al Sutton, another Big Chief vet, both having a good ear for statements of love, heartbreak and inspiration that avoid warmed-over clichés. "Only One," a message to a departed partner, and "Sunday Morning," a reflective comparison of past beauty and hopes and present, grimmer realities delivered over a lovely acoustic guitar melody, are two standouts. Her backing bandmates, meanwhile, create excellent music for her to work with, touching on everything from full funk chops to, on the concluding "Come Go With Me," delightful retro-soul. Various guests stop by to make things almost a Detroit-area love-in, from keyboardist Chris Codish to Kid Rock, who creates the beat on the striking, passionate "Sunset," one of the album's best tracks. Black Crowes member Eddie Harsch also adds keys and clavinet at various points, easily slotting into the band's smoky sound. Through it all, Davis sounds on top of her game, and the whole album makes for a worthwhile, invigorating listen.

1. Cry
2. Helpless
3. Try To Remember
4. Sunset
5. Only One
6. You Haven't Done Nothin'
7. Box Of Memories
8. Sunday Morning
9. The Deal
10. And I Spin
11. Come Go With Me

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vendredi 20 juillet 2007

The Dick Nixons
Paint the White House Black (1992)

"Discovered" by Mojo Nixon and produced by Jim Dickinson, the Dick Nixons are not only really funny, they're good musicians — or at least good enough. The band swallowed a large dose of punk rock but they're also part folk and bad pop, and they make it a great combo; their one and only album to date remains a pleasure long after its release, not to mention long after the death of the band's disgraced anti-hero. Half of Paint the White House. . . is composed of Nixon paeans like "Tricky Dick (Was A Rock-n-Rolla)" — the band claims to have wanted him to run again in 1992 — and they're as diverse as they are hilarious, so much so that one wishes bandleader Kirk "The Jerk" Springstone would find a new obsession and make another album about it. Besides the Nixon material, they pair the tune from the classic Chef Boy-R-Dee Ravioli commercial with a cover of "Red Red Wine"; there may not be a better version of "Knock Three Times" ever recorded; and their shambling cover of Kenny Rogers' "Lucille" lasts barely over a minute, which is short enough to keep the smile it brings from turning to a frown.

1. Plot Against The President 1:27
2. Tricky Dick (Was A Rock-n-Rolla) 1:34
3. Conspiracy 1:43
4. Cardiac Arrest 2:31
5. Knock Three Times 2:40
6. She A Slut 1:56
7. Ping Pong Ball Head 0:49
8. Lucille 1:20
9. N-I-X-O-N 2:33
10. Do The Dick Nixon 1:28
11. The Answer 1:58
12. All A Dream 1:51
13. The Patriot Song 3:31
14. Raveoli 1:22
15. Red Red Whine 2:05
16. MTV 1:49
17. Paint The White House Black 3:08
18. We Are The Dick Nixons 4:27
19. Misfit 1:58

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jeudi 19 juillet 2007

Stinky Grooves (1990)

Musically this album is a beautiful, unusual, funky, intense creation. The guest appearances from big funk names fit in incredibly well, not to mention Bill Laswell having left his production mark. Many sources characterize this band as having a promenant "heavy metal" component and I'm not sure I'd really agree with that. While some of their tracks are too heavy to be "strict" funk, I think most metal fans would not gravitate to this album.
If you dig P-funk or the Chili Peppers, have a soft spot for the rock sounds of the early 90's, and don't look to lyrics for philosophical inspiration, this album could be the diamond in the rough you're looking for.

1. Butt Funkin'
2. Maniac
3. Freestyle
4. Porno
5. Shake It
6. That's The Way
7. The Toilet's Flooded
8. Pavlov's Frothing Dogs

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mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Critters Buggin'
Guest (1994)

Sort of a car wreck of styles, with hard bop, hippie jamming, rock and tape looping all getting into a major accident. But like many accidents, it's hard to look away. Very challenging stuff, and quite interesting, although I find that I definitely need to be "in a mood" to listen to it - not recommended for cocktail parties or relaxing at home. My favorite track is "5/4 ftd" (which sounds like a slightly large floral arrangement) but if you like hippie oriented acid jazz, you'll probably like the entire disc.

John Bush Percussion, Loops
Nalgas Sin Carne Organ, Guitar, Saxitar
Matt Chamberlain Drums, Dancer, Collage
Brad Houser Bass, Clarinet (Bass)
David Palmer Keyboards
Doug Sax Mastering
Shawn Smith Vocals

1. Shag
2. Kickstand Hog
3. Critters Theme
4. T-Ski
5. 5/4 F.T.D.
6. Fretless Nostril
7. Double Pot Roast Backpack
8. Naked Truth
9. Los Lobos

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mardi 17 juillet 2007

Liquid Hips
Fool Injection (1994)

This album had a sticker 'Heavy Metal Funk' whent it first came out on the german label Enemy Productions.
3 ex-Defunkt plus 3 newcomers made this music powerful, metallic, yet funky.
Try it!

John Mulkerin - Trumpet, Vocals (ex-Defunkt)
Bill Bickford - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Defunkt)
Kenny Martin - Drums (ex-Defunkt)
Jeff McErlain - Guitar
Kip Reed - Bass
Rob Reynolds - Percussion, Vocals

1. Surveillance
2. Set Me Up
3. Taking Out the Trash
4. Strife
5. Video Zombies
6. Lead Shower
7. Roll the Dice
8. House
9. Revenge
10. Push

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lundi 16 juillet 2007

Michael Manrig
Thonk (1994)

Who said fusion was dead? With Thonk Michael Manring has managed to create an exciting, humorous and technically amazing body of work. His quirky approach to the bass and hyperbass give a style and sound that is truly unique and can be heard throughout the many different journeys the listener is taken on. "Big Fungus" is a romping number that finds Manring sounding like a fusion guitar player on the hyperbass. Former Primus drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander proves to be a perfect partner for Manring by adding his own complexities and individual style to the mix. Alex Skolnick, Steve Morse and Steve Smith also lend excellent support. "Monkey Businessman" is a breathtaking solo performed on the hyperbass, which makes a case for calling Manring the Tuck Andress of the bass. However, it is not just the playing of Manring (which would have been enough) and his stellar sidemen that separate this session from its colleagues; rather, it is his fresh approach to composition. This is a brilliant recording by a brilliant musician and should be documented as one of the most important fusion recordings of the '90s.

Michael Manrig: bass
Steve Morse: guitar
Alex Skolnick: guitar
Tim "Herb" Alexander: drums
Steve Smith: drums
Philip Aaber: piano

1. Big Fungus
2. Snakes Got Legs
3. Monkey Businessman [Live]
4. Disturbed
5. On a Day of Many Angels
6. My Three Moons [Live]
7. Cruel and Unusual
8. Bad Hair Day
9. Adhan [Live]
10. You Offered Only Parabolas
11. Enormous Room [Live]

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dimanche 15 juillet 2007

Petula Clark
Downtown: The Pye Anthology (1999)

CD 1
1. Downtown
2. You'd Better Come Home
3. You're The One
4. Sailor
5. Romeo
6. My Friend The Sea
7. I Will Follow Him
8. I Know A Place
9. Call Me
10. Who Am I?
11. Gotta Tell The World
12. The Life And Soul Of The Party
13. Every Little Bit Hurts
14. Just Say Goodbye
15. A Sign Of The Times
16. Heart
17. Where Did We Go Wrong
18. Round Every Corner
19. A Groovy Kind Of Love
20. We Can Work It Out
21. My Love
22. You Can't Keep Me From Loving You
23. Elusive Butterfly
24. There Goes My Love, There Goes My Live
25. The Show Is Over

CD 2
1. Don't Sleep In The Subway
2. Colour My World
3. Thirty First Of June
4. This Is My Song
5. On The Path Of Glory
6. The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
7. Happy Heart
8. People Get Ready
9. Conversations In The Wind
10. You And I
11. If
12. Tears Of A Clown
13. Cranes Flying South
14. Look At Mine
15. Cry Like A Baby
16. Games People Play
17. Maybe I'm Amazed
18. I Don't Know How To Love Him
19. The Song Of My Life
20. Let It Be Me
21. The Windmills Of My Mind
22. Wind Of Change
23. I Believe In Love
24. What I Did For Love
25. Downtown (1999 Remix)

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samedi 14 juillet 2007

Ian Gillan & Roger Glover
Accidentally On Purpose (1988, remastered 1999 edition)

This is a really fun record with a lot of very good material on it. Its obvious that Ian and Roger had a great time making this record.
The sound is much richer than you might expect from what is essentially a homemade recording. Just don't expect it to sound anything like Deep Purple or even like a typical Gillan solo album. This is a much looser off-the-cuff affair covering several different musical styles.
Glover's vocal spotlight on "She Took My Breath Away" is nothing special, but "Clouds and Rain", "Evil Eye", and "Telephone Box" rank with the best of Gillan's solo work. Definitely worthwhile for fans of Ian Gillan.

1. Clouds And Rain
2. Evil Eye
3. She Took My Breath Away
4. Dislocated
5. Via Miami
6. I Can't Dance To That
7. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
8. Lonely Avenue
9. Telephone Box
10. I Thought No
11. Cayman Island
12. The Purple People Eater
13. Chet

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Lee Hazlewood
13 (1972, 1999 edition)

I really dig Lee Hazlewood. Many have said this is his most polarizing album. Most of Lee's work seems to do that. You either get Mr. Lee or you don't. I got him from day one. This album is one of his more intriguing efforts, but, most importantly, it's damn good. Lee goes bubblegum with a brilliantly arranged horn section, or disco, as some have said. I prefer bubblegum. The horns are arranged by Larry Marks, who has done music for Saturday morning cartoons. You hear Larry on many tracks howling, or as Lee puts in it in the liner notes, a "descent into uncontrolled lycanthropy". I really like this album a lot. I love bubblegum music, and Lee's voice really works well in this setting. The best songs are You Look like a Lady, Hej Me I'm Riding, and Ten or Eleven Towns Ago. It's a short album (only 25 minutes), but it's a great 25 minutes with no bad songs. Another gem from Hazlewood.

1. You Look Like A Lady
2. Tulsa Sunday
3. Ten or 11 Towns
4. Toosie and the River
5. She Comes Running
6. Rosacoke Street
7. I Move Around
8. And I Loved You Then
9. Hej, Me I'm Riding

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Pinetop Pekins
On Top (1994)

Pinetop Perkins (born Joe Willie Perkins on July 7, 1913) is an American blues musician.
Perkins was born in Belzoni, Mississippi. He began his career as a guitarist, but then injured the tendons in his left arm in a fight with a choirgirl in Helena, Arkansas. Unable to play guitar, Perkins switched to the piano, and also switched from Robert Nighthawk's KFFA radio program to Sonny Boy Williamson's King Biscuit Time. He continued working with Nighthawk, however, accompanying him on 1950's "Jackson Town Gal".
In the 1950s, Perkins joined Earl Hooker and began touring, stopping to record "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie" (written by Pinetop Smith) at Sam Phillips' studio in Memphis. ("They used to call me Pinetop," he recalled, "because I played that song."[1]) He then relocated to Illinois and left music until Hooker convinced him to record again in 1968.
When Otis Spann left the Muddy Waters band, Perkins was chosen to replace him. He stayed for more than a decade, then left with several other musicians to form the Legendary Blues Band, recording through the late 1970s, 80s and early 90s. Perkins performed concerts on his own and did some touring in 2006 at the age of 93.

Pinetop Perkins (vocals, piano)
Peter Parcek, Charlie Baum (guitar)
Paul Rishell (National guitar)
Jerry Portnoy (harmonica)
David Maxwell (piano)
Ron Levy (organ)
Michael "Mudcat" Ward (bass)
Steve Ramsey (drums).

1. Kidney Stew
2. Just Keep on Drinking
3. Down in Mississippi
4. Five Long Years
5. Yancey Special
6. Four Hand Strut
7. Since I Fell for You
8. Pinetoppin'
9. Little Girl
10. Look on Yonder Wall
11. Worried Life Blues
12. Just a Gigolo

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mardi 10 juillet 2007

The Lovin' Spoonful - Greatest Hits

It sometimes feels as though the Lovin' Spoonful have been reduced to a footnote in the history of rock & roll. Yet few of their contemporaries could match the likes of "Daydream," "Summer in the City," and the transcendent "Do You Believe in Magic?"--a song that can still turn January into June. Legend has it that the Spoonful auditioned for The Monkees, and they'd have been good in those roles, having the right candy-sweet sound and a warm humor in constant evidence. But it wouldn't have lasted: lead songwriter John Sebastian was too willful and idiosyncratic, coming on like an American Ray Davies on songs such as "Younger Generation," a prescient meditation on the hippie generation's future parental dilemmas. Greatest Hits is a fine 26-song introduction to a perennially underrated band.

1. Do You Belive In Magic Listen Listen
2. You Didn't Have To Be So Nice Listen Listen
3. Daydream
4. You Baby
5. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind
6. Wild About My Lovin'
7. Younger Girl
8. On The Road Again
9. Didn't Want To Have To Do It
10. Jug Band Music
11. Summer In The City
12. Rain On The Roof Listen Listen
13. Pow (Theme From 'What's Up, Tiger Lily?') L
14. Nashville Cats
15. Lovin' You
16. Darlin' Companion
17. Coconut Grove
18. Full Measure
19. Darling Be Home Soon
20. Lonely (Amy's Theme)
21. You're A Big Boy Now
22. Six O'Clock
23. She Is Still A Mystery
24. Money
25. Younger Generation
26. Never Going Back

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Them Featuring Van Morrison (1982)

Unlike nearly all of their Brit Invasion brethren, there never was a Them reunion. For at least a couple of good reasons: Lead vocalist Van Morrison's fame as a solo artist quickly transcended the acclaim he earned as a bandleader. Then, too, Them didn't really have a solid, identifiable lineup to reanimate. The ever-in-flux Belfast-based ensemble nevertheless ranks with the Animals and the Rolling Stones as fine purveyors of bullish, non-American '60s rhythm and blues. Highlights include a powerhouse version of "Baby Please Don't Go" (with Jimmy Page soloing), Paul Simon's "Richard Cory", "Stormy Monday," , "I Got a Woman" and Morrison originals that laid the groundwork for his early live repertoire ("Gloria," "Mystic Eyes").Morrison's grown-up work is unassailable, but there's much to be said for what he accomplished as a snot-nosed rocker.

1. Gloria
2. The Story Of Them
3. Stormy Monday
4. Mystic Eyes
5. Hey Girl
6. Baby Please Don't Go
7. Here Comes The Night
8. My Lonely Sad Eyes
9. Richard Cory
10. (It Wont Hurt You) Half As Much
11. Turn On Your Love Light
12. I Put A Spell On You
13. Don't Look Back

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lundi 9 juillet 2007

Rae & Christian
Northern Sulphuric Soul (1998)

You may not have heard much of them, but their work has consistently shown up on more discerning playlists. Beats from Hip Hop blend seamlessly with guests artists (from Jungle Brothers to Jeru) to create rich soundscapes (a definite change from your typical Hip Hop stuff - this is melodic and multilayered) but it's the tracks with singer Veba which are the standouts on this album...Trk 6 All I Ask is sublime. Texas (Scottish pop-rock band) has a good track on here too - The Hush. This CD is ideal for lounging at home, or the beach...wherever you are, this is gonna take you on an aural holiday.

1. Divine Sounds
2. Anything U Want
3. Swansong (For A Nation)
4. Now I Lay Me Down
5. Hush
6. All I Ask
7. Swimming Pool
8. Fool
9. Catch A Rude Awakening
10. Play On
11. Bring The Drama
12. Flip The Mic
13. Spellbound

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dimanche 8 juillet 2007

Shawn Lee
Monkey Boy (2000)

The first album by Shawn Lee is really a refreshing one. A great combination of soal and rock (and sometimes a bit of electro). The groove is just great, and so is Shawn Lee's voice and the background female singers. He combines various styles, thus you would have to make an effort to find 2 similar songs. My best songs here are the bossa-nova Stevie Wonder alike "happiness", "floating" with the groovie guitar, "don't trust men" which has stronger rock tendencies and the last hidden track. But you can easily choose any other songs since there are so many good ones here.

1. Kill Somebody
2. Hangin' by a Thread
3. Happiness
4. Floating
5. How Strong Is Your Soul
6. A&R Man Of Love
7. 8 Million Ways To Die
8. Harmony In Falsetto
9. I Can't Save You
10. Don't Trust Men
11. Disappearance Of The Man

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mercredi 4 juillet 2007

Burt Bacharach's Greatest Hits (1974)


Recently ordained as a Cardinal of Cool, Burt Bacharach created a sound that defined the cocktail crazy '60s. Relying on sentimental lyrics and powerful hooks, Bacharach wrote songs that provided hit after hit for the likes of Dionne Warwick, film scores (Alfie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), and radio-ready show tunes like "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" from Promises, Promises. The Carpenters had a colossal smash with his "Close to You," as did B.J. Thomas with "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head." In fact it was the genius of Bacharach and his collaborator Hal David that seemed to give Warwick and others their stardom. A piano man of the highest order, he understood the power of a bridge, and they still serve as some of the most memorable aspects of his compositions. His grasp of arrangements was also unmatched and the instrumental solos in his work--the melancholy trumpet of "What the World Needs Now" and "Close To You"--were instant classics. Greatest Hits validates all of the renewed interest in Bacharach during the mid- 1990s, as ultra-hip outfits like Pizzicato Five routinely payed homage to him in their own work.

1. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
2. Make It Easy On Your Self
3. This Guy's In Love With You
4. Reach Out For Me
5. The Look Of Love
6. What The World Needs Now Is Love
7. I Say A Little Prayer
8. Alfie
9. Raindrops Keeps Fallin' On My Head
10. Wives And Lovers
11. (They Long To Be) Close To You
12. Living Together, Growing Together

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Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective: The Best Of (1969)


Only a handful of bands have made a greater impact with fewer recordings than the short-lived Buffalo Springfield. Their history is told in the titles of their three albums: 1967's eponymous debut was followed by the peak-performance Again later that year, which was followed by 1968's Last Time Around. While their entire recorded career encompasses a mere two years, the Stephen Stills-Neil Young-Richie Furay-led quintet produced a number of '60s rock classics. Stills chipped in "For What It's Worth" and "Bluebird"; Furay's "Kind Woman" is one of the touchstones of country-rock; and Young fired off the likes of the raucous "Mr. Soul," the gentle "I Am a Child," the ambitious "Broken Arrow," and the breathtakingly pretty "Expecting to Fly." They're all on this 12-song overview, a suitable option for anyone who isn't up to stocking up on the entire catalog.

1. For What It's Worth
2. Mr. Soul
3. Sit Down, I Think I Love You
4. Kind Woman
5. Bluebird
6. On The Way Home
7. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
8. Broken Arrow
9. Rock and Roll Woman
10. I Am A Child
11. Go and Say Goodbye
12. Expecting To Fly

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lundi 2 juillet 2007

Masters Of Reality - Sunrise On The Sufferbus (1992)


Fans of Cream's best material (i.e., Jack Bruce's songs) and Ginger Baker's drumming will be blown away by this undeservedly obscure offering. Chris Goss, MOR's very talented lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter penned several great Bruce-ish songs for SOTSB, ranging from dark and panoramic to driving and comic, and Baker is in top form. This is clearly the best rock recording ginger has been in involved with since Cream and Blind Faith, and at its best, MOR rivals either band.

1. She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)
2. J.B. Witchdance
3. Jody Sings
4. Rolling Green
5. Ants In The Kitchen
6. V.H.V
7. Bicycle
8. 100 Years (Of Tears On The Wind)
9. T.U.S.A.
10. Tilt-A-Whirl
11. Rabbit One
12. Madonna
13. Gimme Water
14. Moon In Your Pocket

Ginger Baker Cymbals, Drums, Vocals (bckgr), Voices, Writer,
Googe Bass, Vocals (bckgr),
Chris Goss Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ron Jeffries Piano
Simeon Pillich Cello
Daniel Rey Guitar, Producer

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dimanche 1 juillet 2007

James Brown - Love Power Peace, Live At The Olympia, Paris, 1971 (1992)


This album is just jaw-droppingly great. The energy that was put in to this show and I assume all James Brown's shows is just overwhelming with it's raw power and feeling This is stuff you can't capture in a studio. The timing is perfect, everything is.
If you always hear people making big deals about James Brown and how 'funky' he is and whatever, and it annoys you, like it used to annoy me. Listen to me! Now I am rambling about him! And I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't the truth, really! And why would so many other people risk sounding like idiots blathering about him? Um, I think this album should be owned by everybody.
1. Intro
2. Brother Rapp
3. Aint It Funky Now
4. Georgia On My Mind
5. It's A New Day
6. Bewildered
7. Sex Machine
8. Try Me
9. Medley: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag/I Got You (I Feel Good)/I Got The Feelin'
10. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose
11. It's A Man's Man's Man's World
12. Please Please Please
13. Sex Machine (Reprise)
14. Super Bad
15. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved
16. Soul Power
17. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (Finale)

James Brown Organ, Vocals
Bobby Byrd Organ, Vocals
William "Bootsy" Collins Bass
Clayton "Chicken" Gunnells Trumpet
Darryl "Hasaan" Jamison Trumpet
Hearlon "Cheese" Martin Guitar (Rhythm)
David Matthews Strings, Director, Horn
St. Clair Pinckney Sax (Tenor)
John "Jabo" Starks Drums
Fred Wesley Trombone

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Blood, Sweat & Tears - Greatest Hits (1972)


The special commitment and innovative mood of this immortal band literally sculpted them in this elite of untouchables .
Interpretative force and swing .
If you are a teenager and you have never known about this band , please ask for this band to your father or some friend in the forties . And then listen them .
Fundamental issue in every jazz / funk / soul lover's collection !

1. You've Made Me So Very Happy
2. I Can't Quit Her
3. Go Down Gamblin'
4. Hi-De-Ho That Old Sweet Roll
5. Sometimes In Winter
6. And When I Die
7. Spinning Wheel
8. Lisa, Listen To Me
9. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
10. Lucretia Mac Evil
11. God Bless The Child

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