dimanche 23 septembre 2007

George Benson
White Rabbit (1971)

George Benson himself recently said in an interview just how he hated the cover. Being a devoutly religious man himself he didn't like the inference made of a black man (who many wrongfully mistook for George himself) with his face covered in heroin.("White Rabbit" being another slang for the substance). Being a fairly innocent chap he just liked the tune and decided to cover it completely ignorant of the deeper significances . I can fully sympathise with his view because the pic gives me the creeps!!
However.. the music, thankfully , is gorgeous.The overall theme on this album is strongly Latin. Everywhere from the opening flamenco tinged intro to the title tune, wonderfully added by the phenomenal Earl Klugh, right to "Little Train of Capira" the laid back,Spanish tones can be heard.
It reminds me of a guitar version of one of Miles Davis's more commercial Spanish influenced albums ("Siesta" for example).
George's version of Michel Legrands "Summer of '42" was the main reason i bought this album in 1985. Benson puts so much feeling & empathy into the romantic phrases that once again the listener is bathed in a warm glow. George's guitar literally speaks to you. Very few guitarists have this talent. Wes Montgomery had it.
Hats off to Earl Klugh on this whole project. His acoustic guitar sets the scene even further. The album would never have had the same effect without his presence.

1. White Rabbit
2. Theme From 'Summer Of 42'
3. Little Train
4. Califonia Dreamin'
5. El Mar

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lundi 17 septembre 2007


Tribe After Tribe
Pearls Before Swine (1997)

For those five or ten of you on the planet who know about Robbie Robb, you can skip this and just buy the CD. Its his best yet under the Tribe moniker. For the rest of you, this album stands as an excellent introduction to the African-influenced tribal rhythms and powerful lyrical themes of Tribe After Tribe - its also unfortunately the only one of his albums still in print other than Three Fish. While choosing to express a folkier side of himself on the Three Fish albums, this one comes out like a pulsing cannon blast on "Boy", with powerful guitars and effective electronic touches soaring over the pounding tribal base. "Senor", as Robb affirms in the liner notes, is a bit too close to some moments on Pink Floyd's _Animals_ for comfort, but it has some surprisingly elegant acoustic guitar work from Robb that is ultimately winning. "Fire Dancers" and "Hopeless The Clown" also rock hard, while "Murder on the Lee Shore" is a rich, eerie textural exploration. Helping the cause is the fact that Robb has surrounded himself here with a dream-list of bass rhythm machines, including Doug Pinnick (King's X), Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) and Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint). They surf the astounding percussion gracefully. The only dubious choices made here are 1) Robb's insistence on providing explanations for the songs, instead of lyrics - I guess i'd rather have the lyric; 2) my copy's production notes page uses nearly unreadable fonts on the interior, which makes it frustrating to try and track down who's playing what.

1. Boy
2. Lazarus
3. Senor
4. Fire Dancers
5. Murder On The Lee Shore
6. Ballad Of Winnie
7. Bury Me
8. Pat On The Back
9. Hopeless The Clown
10. I Am Your Heart
11. Uh-Oh

Three Fish

Jeff Ament's fretless bass work is overlooked in Pearl Jam's smooth sound. Here he gets to show off some more with some beautiful songs, complemented well by Stuverud's drumming and over which Robb's scratchy, nasal voice works better than i'd've expected. "Laced" is probably my favorite track. "Build" is a departure from the other tracks, with a stomping racket setting the stage for electronically modified guitar sounds.

1. Solitude
2. Song For A Dead Girl
3. Silence At The Bottom
4. The Intelligent Fish
5. Zagreb
6. All Messed Up
7. Here In The Darkness
8. The Half Intelligent Fish
9. Strangers In My Head
10. A Lovely Meander
11. Build
12. Stupid Fish
13. Secret Place
14. Elusive Ones
15. Laced

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vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Celtas Cortos is a Spanish music group of celtic rock.
It was formed in Valladolid (Castilla y León) in 1986. Eight friends, four of which played in the group Almenara decided to participate in a music contest under the name "Colectivo Eurofolk". They won the first prize and continued to play together changing their name to Celtas Cortos.
They won another contest in April 1987, the prize was the production of an album. They shared the prize with two other winners, so they contributed three songs to the album Así es como suena: Folk joven.
Executive producer Paco Martín helped them get out their first album, Salida de emergencia, with only instrumental songs. The next album, Gente Impresentable added the voice and the lyrics of Jesús H. Cifuentes (Cifu) to the powerful instruments. Their celtic rock style was combined with protest and other more melancholic lyrics. Through the years their music mixed with different styles such as Caribbean music, flamenco, electronic music or reggae. Their list of hits include 20 de Abril, La senda del tiempo or Tranquilo Majete.
¡Vamos! is a best of album of their first 5 albums, En estos días Inciertos is the following album.

¡Vamos! (1995)

1. El alquimista loco.
2. 20 de Abril.
3. Haz turismo.
4. Madera de colleja.
5. El pelotazo.
6. ¿Que voy a hcer yo?
7. ¡Ya esta bien!
8. Hacha de guerra.
9. La senda del tiempo.
10. Cuentame un cuento.
11. La mujer barbuda.
12. El ritmo del mar.
13. Aguantando el tirón.
14. Lluvia en soledad

En estos días Inciertos (1996)

1. No nos podrán parar
2. Malos y cobardes
3. El ladrón de melodías
4. En estos días inciertos
5. Siempre tarde
6. Cucharas
7. El emigrante
8. Cálida trinchera
9. Horror vacui
10. Skaparate nacional
11. Irlandalusi
12. Legión de mudos
13. ¿Pesadilla o realidad?
14. Ilusiones

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samedi 8 septembre 2007

On (1995)

British bands come in all types of sound, style and personalities. Toss the Smiths, the Cranberries and James into a blender and you'll get something that resembles Echobelly. The band's second CD, On, is a fine collection of well-written and meaningful songs. Echobelly's charm is provided by vocalist Sonya Aurora Madan, who sounds very much like Ivy's Dominque Durand. The songs, written by both Madan and band co-founder Glenn Johansson, flow smoothly throughout. Madan's lyrics are striking. Echobelly's sound is inventive if for no other reason than the departure from the trademark thin sound perpetuated by British groups like Blur and Elastica. Johansson's tremolo-filled guitar work is rumored to have been the inspiration for the fuzzed guitars played by Peter Buck in R.E.M.'s Monster-era incarnation. Thankfully absent from On are the annoying, overused affectations sometimes impossible to avoid in British music. The songs are irresistible and fresh. Check it out.

1. Car Fiction
2. King Of The Kerb
3. Great Things
4. Natural Animal
5. Go Away
6. Pantyhose and Roses
7. Something Hot In A Cold Country
8. Four Letter Word
9. Nobody Like You
10. In The Year
11. Dark Therapy
12. Worms And Angels
13. On Turn On (acoustic)*
14. Natural Animal (acoustic)*
* bonus tracks

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mardi 4 septembre 2007


Veiled (1996)

Leah Andreone's debut, Veiled, can be compared to Alanis Morissette at times — overtly sexual lyrics mixed with slinky, melodic alterna-pop. But her songs stand on their own with sincere and confessional content, often seeming like the tunes are a form of therapy for Leah. "It's Alright, It's OK" opens the album on an upbeat note, with an instantly memorable chorus kicking the song into high gear. "Happy Birthday" is the most Alanis-like track on the album, while other tracks such as the acoustic "You Make Me Remember," the rocking "Who Are They to Say," and the funky "Hell to Pay" all hit the mark. Although not as successfully experimental as her next album, 1998's Alchemy, Veiled does a more than adequate job of capturing Leah Andreone at her most basic and straightforward.

1. It's Alright, It's Ok
2. Happy Birthday
3. Mother Tongue
4. You Make Me Remember
5. Who Are They To Say
6. Problem Child
7. Come Sunday Morning
8. Kiss Me Goodbye
9. Hell To Pay
10. Will You Still Love Me
11. Imagining You

Alchemy (1998)

On her second album, Leah branched out in more experimental directions. this album is edgier and less glossy than her first album, Veiled, but that is not a bad thing. While Veiled was about healing, Alchemy (as the name implies) is about experimentation. And her phenominal understanding of the art of songwriting and musical composition are displayed well here. It stands as a testament to the quality of this album that eight years after it was released it is experiencing a resurgence thanks to being featured prominently on So You Think You Can Dance. This album wasn't really advertised at all, and never got radio exposure. Through the power of cult followings, it is finally getting some of the exposure it is due. This album is a gem waiting to be uncovered, and you will not regret purchasing it. I bought it when it came out originally, and I still listen to it regularly, as I do with Veiled too. You will love this album!

1. Sunny Day
2. Swallow Me
3. Bow Down
4. Starstruck Bastard
5. Porn
6. Tighten It Up
7. You Don't Exist
8. Dive In
9. Inconceivable
10. Try to Take Your Time
11. Pretty Freak
12. Fake
13. Private Affair
14. Lamentation

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Mark Everett from Eels

A Man Called E (1992)

Prior to fronting the '90s experimental indie rock band the Eels, a man called E (born Mark Everett) was making heavenly pop music on his own. This debut solo release contains typical quirky melodies and mind-boggling lyrics, but E hits upon lush harmonies similar to the likes of Elton John, the Beach Boys, and Paul McCartney. He is a perfectionist, playing every instrument and orchestrating all the material found on A Man Called E.
He's a love-sick puppy, a hopeless romantic, and a daydreamer. Such drama is captured in album highlights "Hello Cruel World," "Are You and Me Gonna Happen?," and "E's Tune." His lyrical poetry is his therapy, a common talent found in later Eels material. But you have to appreciate E's effort. He's thoughtful and almost touching. He's real. Now that's pretty refreshing.
1. Hello Cruel World
2. Fitting In With The Misfits
3. Are You And Me Gonna Happen
4. Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On
5. Nowheresville
6. Symphony For Toy Piano In G Minor
7. Mockingbird Franklin
8. I've Been Kicked Around
9. Pray
10. E's Tune
11. You'll Be The Sacrecrow

Broken Toy Shop (1993)

Mystery artist E's second full-length CD slipped out without much fanfare. His later releases with the Eels attracted some Modern Rock radio attention, but this one just fell through the cracks. Which is a shame, because it picks up nicely where his debut ("A Man Called (E)") left off. Very smooth pop music with a great producer's touch. Production is co-handled by E and Michael Koppleman this time. Last LP's producer, Parthenon Huxley, can still be found on most of the tracks. E himself is about 2/3 of a one-man band, filling out each track with a bass player or drummer. The nice thing, though, is that it doesn't sound like a one-man band, it sounds like a band. I tend to think of Todd Rundgren when I listen to E's discs. Not so much because I think they sound like Rundgren's, but because there is a similar sense of sophistication to the arrangements and playing. E manages to infuse a lot of his songs with a sense of meloncholy that is rare in pop music. Another solid outing.
1. Shine It All On
2. Standing At The Gate
3. The Only Thing I Care About
4. Manchester Girl
5. L.A. River
6. A Most Unpleasant Man
7. Mass Listen Listen
8. Tomorrow I'll Be Nine
9. The Day I Wrote You Off
10. Someone To Break The Spell
11. She Loves A Puppet
12. My Old Raincoat
13. Permanent Broken Heart
14. Eight Lives Left

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lundi 3 septembre 2007

Primal Scream
Screamadelica (1991)

A modern psych classic, capturing the vibrant, mind-blowing experience of Ecstacy in a joyful hybrid. Successfully balancing the jangly "Beggar's Banquet"-era Stones rock with the thick, trippy soundscapes of rave culture, this was the soundtrack of countless raves in the British colony circa the early 90's. If course it's easy to see why it is so acclaimed: switching between uplifting gospel-techno anthems like "Movin' On Up" and "Come Together" to sinister, dark beats like "Slip Inside This House", there's never a dull moment in the Primals' euphoric vision for a united world order. Although it is sometimes hard to see why an album made such a big impact during a particular time, it's easy to see this album's universal appeal: we just wanna get loaded.

1. Movin' On Up
2. Slip Inside This House
3. Don't Fight It, Feel It
4. Higher Than The Sun
5. Inner Flight
6. Come Together
7. Loaded
8. Damaged
9. I'm Comin' Down
10. Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)
11. Shine Like Stars

Black Grape
It's Great When You're Straight... Yeah (1995)

'Its great...' is a stupendously good album that swaggers jauntily out of your stereo and infests your house with a sleazy, addled vibe. Like all things nasty, you know its not really good for you but you just can't help reaching for the volume control. Number eleven is the setting of choice. Its as if the Happy Mondays had never split up only the music is slicker and more precise and provides a marvellous backdrop for the wailing, pestering rhyming of Shaun Ryder's nonsense lyrics, undercut with a velvety delivery provided by Kermit. The album fuses heavy beats with a large dollop of funk, wailing guitars and throbbing baselines and, there is no other way of putting this, positively oozes out of your speakers. The closest reference point is Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches by the Happy Mondays but 'Its great...' takes the next step with a crafted and polished version of the Mondays mayhem that is all the more amazing for Ryder's long absence from any recording studio.

1. Reverend Black Grape
2. In The Name Of The Father
3. Tramazi Parti
4. Kelly's Heroes
5. Yeah Yeah Brother
6. A Big Day In The North
7. Shake Well Before Opening
8. Submarine
9. Shake Your Money
10. Little Bob

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dimanche 2 septembre 2007


Black Box Recorder are an enigma. A three piece comprised of the haunting and fragile-voiced Sarah Nixey, Auteurs henchman Luke Haines and absinthe importer (& former Jesus & Mary Chain) John Moore. Stylistally, the band have catapulted themselves into some netherworld halfway between Air and Velvet Underground. Instruments include, Guitar arpeggios, synthesizers, glockenspiels, chiming xylophones, strings and drum machines.

England Made Me (1998)

Black Box Recorder is a hidden treasure and their first album, "England Made Me", is their best work. A hauntingly shy voice, behind the low tones of a variety of instruments, make up the collection, harvesting and provoking the silly thoughts of morbid children: Life is Unfair, Kill Yourself or Get Over it ("Child Psychology").
Each song on the album, possesses its own charisma, sometimes playing on the ideas of death and decay and other times relishing is mischevious childhood fantasies. "Girl Singing In the Wreckage" is a ballad of a young woman examining her very state of being, acknowledging the sad normality of her existance and at the same time, inventing a sense of mystery about herself. The track "England Made Me", weaves a tale of a disturbing characters who admits to 'sleeping with the enemy before betraying both sides'.
For the poet in all of us, the lyrics are infactuating. For the musician in all of us, the tunes are somber and delightful. One can expect Black Box Recorder to take you from your bedroom in the attic to an enchanted pixie-garden, where the faeries read H.P. Lovecraft, steal cars and smoke cigarettes until dawn.

1. Girl Singing In The Wreckage
2. England Made Me
3. New Baby Boom
4. It's Only The End Of The World
5. Ideal Home
6. Child Psychology
7. I.C. One Female
8. Up Town Top Ranking
9. Swinging
10. Kidnapping An Heiress
11. Hated Sunday

The Facts Of Life (2000)

"The Facts of Life", Black Box Recorder's second album, follows suite in their amazing debut of twisted nursery rhymns, "England Made Me". This is certainly an album to be cherished in one's cd collection - the lyrics are clever and provocative, the music is soothing and intelligent and the mixture can leave the listener awe struck.
In this album, the band has matured a bit. Their storytelling can deliver a much appreciated sense of nostalgia for one's own teenage years - after all, who doesn't remember their boyfriend/girlfriend pushing the relationship one step further than you were ready to go, that almost too-cozy encounter with your highschool best friend or the introspective of a child trying to live as an adult.
Lead singer, Nixey's voice sounds almost like a submissive siren, as she faintly sings anthemns about teenage sexuality and desire. Haines and Moore push their music writing even further, keeping the low tones of instruments and mixing in small beats and rythmns that add a certain liveliness to their melodies. Some of the radio-worthy songs, "Art of Driving" and "Facts of Life", have a good combonation of indie rock/folk with a touch of pop, at the same time expelling the requirements of any particular genre. For those who appreciate rock/pop and alternative music, this will fit in easy to your music collection, though there is enough to interest electronica and folk fans alike.

1. The Art Of Driving
2. Weekend
3. The English Motorway System
4. May Queen
5. Sex Life
6. French Rock 'N' Roll
7. The Facts Of Life
8. Straight Life
9. Gift Horse
10. The Deverell Twins
11. Goodnight Kiss

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samedi 1 septembre 2007

The Cardigans
The Other Side of the Moon (1998)

Asian only rarities compilation featuring 16 tracks, including the B-sides to many of their hard-to-find singles. Contains their campy lounge covers of Thin Lizzy's 'The Boys Are Back In Town', Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' (First Try) & 'Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party' (aka 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'), Ozzy Osbourne's 'Mr. Crowley', alternate versions of 'War', 'Carnival' & 'Losers' and more! The best b-sides compilation EVER!

1. War (First Try)
2. I Figured It Out
3. Plain Parade
4. Laika
5. Pooh Song
6. Mr. Crowley
7. Emmerdale
8. The Boys Are Back In Town
9. Carnival (Puck Version)
10. Nasty Sunny Beam
11. Iron Man (First Try)
12. Blah Blah Blah
13. Losers (First Try)
14. Country Hell
15. After All
16. Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party

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vendredi 31 août 2007


Pocket Full of Kryptonite (1991)

As a jam band in the vein of Blues Traveler and Phish, Spin Doctors built a grassroots following by playing anywhere and everywhere. After a live EP caught their early potential, they released this uncharacteristically tight debut album. Featuring several hits that could have appeared on a Steve Miller Band album, Kryptonite became an immediate frat-rock favorite. Thanks to a spotless production, the tight groove of "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," "Two Princes," and "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" immediately connected with audiences who seemed to find singer Chris Barron's hapless hippie lyrics and goofy grin a winning combination.

1. Jimmy Olson'S Blues
2. What Time Is It?
3. Little Miss Can'T Be Wrong
4. Forty Or Fifty
5. Refrigerator Car
6. More Than She Knows
7. Two Princes
8. Off My Line
9. How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me)
10. Shinebone Alley/Hord To Exist
11. Yo Mamas A Pajana*
12. Sweet Widow*
13. Stepped On A Crock*
* bonus tracks on the European edition

Turn it Upside Down (1994)

Turn it Upside Down is probably the most overlooked doctors cd. I dont see how people could review this cd negatively. I dont rate cd's on commercial success and how good their singles are because those are the only songs people take notice too. This cd is amazing. Its a very optimistic album and I love everything about it. I'm not going to go on about my favorite songs because that's a personal opinion and really doesnt make much sense for me to try and influence your opinion for the cd. You should take a listen and form your own opinion. This is one of those cd's that grows on you more and more each time you listen to it. Give it a few spins and youll be hooked.

1. Big Fat Funky Booty
2. You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast
3. Cleopatra's Cat
4. Hungry Hamed's
5. Biscuit Head
6. Indifference
7. Bags Of Dirt
8. Mary Jane
9. More Than Meets The Ear
10. Laraby's Gang
11. At This Hour
12. Someday All This Will Be Road
13. Beasts In The Woods

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jeudi 30 août 2007

Blue Öyster Cult
Extraterrestrial Live (1982)

EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIVE presents a collection of 13 songs recorded live by Blue Öyster Cult between 2/11/1980 and 12/31/1981 during shows in Long Island and Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Hollywood, Philadelphia and Reseda, California. The drummer and song composer Albert Bouchard appears only on " Black Blade " and " Dominance and Submission " recorded in 1980. He will be replaced in 1981 by Rick Downey.
The CD offers a good balance of old and new songs and only The Doors's " Roadhouse Blues " as previously unrecorded track. In 1981, the band is already in the second part of its career and this live album is THE CD to be remembered from this period. Even " Dr. Music " and " Burnin' for You ", not very convincing on the studio albums " , are excellent on EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIVE.

1. dominance and submission
2. cities on flame
3. dr. music
4. the red and the black
5. joan crawford
6. burnin' for you
7. roadhouse blues
8. black blade
9. hot rails to hell
10. godzilla
11. veterans of the psychic wars
12. eti (extra terrestrial intelligence)
13. (don't hear) the reaper

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mercredi 29 août 2007


Honey-voiced Eddi Reader has been around several blocks, musically speaking. A native of Glasgow, she has been well known and loved in Britain for years. Oddly enough, Reader jumped right into her performing career in the early '80s by traveling throughout Europe with a circus troupe. Shortly after, she decided to settle in London and become a session vocalist. Her choice proved fruitful as her book soon filled up and she landed work with the Eurythmics, the Waterboys, and Gang of Four. None seemed like the right setting for Reader. Then she found her place in the spotlight with Fairground Attraction. The band's debut, First of a Million Kisses, hit the British charts in 1988, along with the single "Perfect." Reader gained a good bit of recognition, both critical and popular, and was able to launch her solo career from that platform. Here are her second and third album for you to enjoy!

ST (1994)

On her second solo album, folk-rocker Eddi Reader moves from strength to strength. The first four songs pack an emotional wallop that might seem to be at odds with the sweet tunefulness and wispy arrangements involved: "The Right Place" is a gentle but firm assertion of romantic confidence; "Patience of Angels" depicts loneliness and despair cloaked in layered vocal harmonies and a quiet waltz rhythm; "Dear John" is perhaps the tenderest kiss-off song ever written; "Scarecrow" is about... well, it's kind of hard to tell what "Scarecrow" is about, but it's one of the prettiest pieces of jangle-pop you're ever likely to hear. After that? Well, "East of Us" is a little bit swampy, and "Howling in Ojai" is a (blessedly brief) self-indulgent waste of time. But in between you get the wry and relatively rockish "The Exception" and after them you get the wistful "Wonderful Lie," and "When I Watch You Sleeping" has something in the transition to the chorus that sounds like Peter Gabriel, in a good way. Over all of it hangs a certain je ne sais quoi that will have you going around hugging all your friends after the album's over. They may be annoyed, but you'll feel great.

1. The Right Place
2. Patience Of Angels
3. Dear John
4. Scarecrow
5. East Of Us
6. Joke (I'm Laughing)
7. The Exception
8. Red Face Big Sky
9. Howling In Ojai
10. When I Watch You Sleeping
11. Wonderful Lie
12. Siren

Candyfloss and Medecine (1996)

No surprises here for fans of Eddi Reader's special brand of swooningly pretty folk-rock. All the elements are in place: the melodies that are so simple that there's no reason why they should make you stop whatever you're doing and close your eyes in pleasure, the unapologetic Scots burr that colors every vowel she sings, the multi-tracked harmonies that cascade blissfully down through every chorus, and the lyrics that simultaneously revel in the glory of romantic love and mourn the wreckage it inevitably leaves behind. Then, of course, there are the chiming guitars that just dare you to hold their obviousness against them, knowing you won't be able to. As usual, there are no real rave-ups here; instead, you get the achingly bittersweet breakup croon "Sugar on the Pill" ("Tell me when it's over/So I can move on"), the luxurious hometown ode "Glasgow Star," and a rather dark-hued arrangement of the traditional "I Loved a Lad." Things muscle up just a bit for the retro-soulful "If You Got a Minute, Baby," but that's as tough as she gets on this aptly titled album. Fans of the British folk-rock scene will recognize the fingerprints of her collaborator, Boo Hewerdine, in the melodies and the arrangements, and let's hope they keep working together in the future. Highly recommended.

1. Glasgow Star
2. Town Without Pity
3. Medecine
4. Rebel Angel
5. Semi Precious
6. Lazy Heart
7. I Loved A Lad
8. Butterfly Jar
9. Candyfloss
10. Darkhouse

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Ian Gillan & Roger Glover
Accidentally On Purpose (1988)

the 1988 duet album from Gillan & Glover (from Deep Purple fame)

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Dead to the World & 3 Additional Selections from the Forthcoming "Kindness of the World" & Other All-Time Best-Loved Campfire Favorites (1993)

A promo cd which could be considered as a best of Joe Henry's early career. The songs are from three different albums, Kindness of the World (1993), Short Man's Room (1992) & Shuffletown (1990). Those three albums were released on the Mammoth label and display quality country folk music from one of the most talented and, sadly, ignored songwriter to be heading from the USA. Do give it a try!

1. Dead to the World
2. Short Man's Room
3. She Always Goes
4. Ben Turpin in the Army
5. Fireman's Wedding
6. Diving Bell
7. John Ranging
8. Spent it all
9. Good Fortune
10. Last One Out
11. Some Champions

Trampoline (1996)

After six albums on which he constantly moved back and forth between classic folk and country traditions, Joe Henry really hit his artistic stride on the brilliant Trampoline. While the album finds him occasionally drifting toward both of those familiar modes, Trampoline also introduces us to Joe Henry, the pop-rock experimentalist. From the exotic guitar strum that opens the album on "Bob and Ray," through a feedback-drenched cover of a Sly Stone obscurity ("Let Me Have It All"), to the dark funeral organ that drives the Blue Oyster Cult-ish "Medicine," to a track featuring a female opera singer ("Flower Girl"), the album allows Henry to use all sorts of musical eccentricities. This certainly both confused and delighted longtime fans, and set the stage for Fuse and the future. Lyrically, Henry seems to be in a pretty dark place--might or might not be about the end of a relationship. And "Flower Girl" may be the most beautiful song Henry's ever written. You could compare Trampoline to that moment when Tom Waits moved from the more traditional sound of his early albums to the Beefheartish experimentations of Swordfishtrombones and Rain Dogs--that's how great both the change and growth appear to be here.

1. Bob & Ray
2. Ohio Air Show Plane Crash
3. Trampoline
4. Flower Girl
5. Let Me Have It All
6. Medicine
7. Go With God (Topless Shoeshine)
8. I Was A Playboy
9. Parade

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mardi 28 août 2007

Mark Curry
It's Only Time (1992)

Mark Curry is one of those singer songwriters who escaped under the radar. His style is a curious amalgam of americana folk and rock without ever falling into one particular camp,possibly contributing to his lack of recognition, although sharing a monicker with a whole variety of other famous folk may well have had a hand in it. The lyrics are americanocentric to a wild degree, but if you can stomach it he sings with soul and passion that few others match. You really get the feeling he has lived the pain he writes about. Sparse production allows the songs to stand up for themselves and he repays this faith in his abilities in spades.

1. All Over Me
2. Musta Been Jo
3. Sorry About The Weather
4. Blow Me Down
5. Wanna Run Away
6. Nothin' At All
7. Gone Swimming
8. Always A Place
9. Drinkin' And How
10. Somehow
11. It's Only Time

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Dan Reed Network
ST (1988)

Fairbairn brought forth the band's harder edge, while allowing ballads such as "Tamin' the Wild Nights" [written when Dan was still in high school] and "Tatiana" [CD bonus track] to leaven the fiery funk, rock and metal. This is the Network at their most tender and tough. The band's first successful single, "Ritual," [US #39] begins with a tribal drum intro and blends into a euro-smooth funk beat that gradually builds to a shattering Brion James-directed assault. Reed shows his softer side with "Halfway Around the World". A peculiar mix of Prince & Bon Jovi's 80's sound. Worth checking out!
1. World Has A Heart Too
2. Get To You
3. Ritual
4. Forgot To Make Her Mine
5. Tamin' The Wild Nights
6. I'm So Sorry
7. Resurrect
8. Baby Don't Fade
9. Human
10. Halfway Around The World
11. Rock You All Night Long
12. Tatiana

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lundi 27 août 2007


Diesel is an Australian musician. He has recorded nine albums under either this name, his birth name of Mark Lizotte or the epithet Johnny Diesel. Two of his albums have been No. 1 Australian hits and he has also played on several albums by his brother-in-law, rock singer Jimmy Barnes. Best known as a singer and guitarist, Diesel is also competent on bass guitar, drums and percussion and keyboards. After a few years leading the band Johnny Diesel and the Injectors, Johnny Diesel was launched as a soloist with the single "Love Junk" in 1991. His next single, "Come to Me", released in November, was released under the name Diesel and all of subsequent releases saw him billed as such until 1999. The same month saw the release of Jimmy Barnes' sixth album Soul Deep, on which Diesel again played guitar. He also duetted with Barnes on the track "Bring it On Home to Me". Diesel's next album Solid State Rhyme from 1994 featured the singles "All Come Together", "Fifteen Feet of Snow" and "Get It On". It was another multi-platinum success. It was preceded in May by the EP "Still Got A Long Way to Go", a duet with Jimmy Barnes from Barnes' album Flesh and Wood, however this was not a chart hit. With his 4 solo albums, Diesel sold over 800,000 records in Australia and won nine awards. His cool funky rocking music with a slightly friendly radio sound has sadly never broke outside of Australia. Here's a chance for you to catch up on a very fine singer, songwriter!

Hepfidelity (1992)

1. Man Alive
2. Tip of My Tongue
3. One More Time
4. Brand New Song
5. Get Lucky
6. Master Plan
7. Come to Me
8. Never Miss Your Water
9. Too Much of a Good Thing
10. Picture of You
11. Love Junk
12. There's a Love

Solid State of Rhyme (1994)

1. Chill Pill
2. Get It On
3. Love Again
4. All Come Together
5. You
6. Sacred Cow
7. Make It Right
8. Still Thinking About Your Love
9. 15 Feet Of Snow
10. Come If You Dare
11. Bad Seed
12. Blur
13. Time

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dimanche 26 août 2007

Allroy Saves (1990)
Punk with a brain. Not just a band with a cool video and a catchy hook. Witty, smart lyrics that make you laugh and think and pogo your little beatle boots off...Thats how I would describe ALL. This is my favorite album by the rawkers. From the cute kid charm of 'Frog' to the worldly aware "just living", "sum" and "educated idiot" you will dig this amazingly fun and wildly amusing bunch of punky tunes. Think Pinhead Gunpowder or Cringer but only more cool and fun and smart...
1. Educated Idiot
2. Just Like Them
3. Prison
4. Just Living
5. Freaky
6. Frog
7. Simple Things
8. Cyclops
9. Ratchet
10. Sum
11. Crawdad
12. Explorador

Percolater (1992)
What these guys lack in the field of aggressive, hard-hitting punk, they make up for in cuteness. Percolator is All's most playful album to date, and the recording refrains from laying it on thick with tales of heartbreak and bad days — this time around, it's more about just having fun. If the instrumental tracks such as "Charligan" and "Birds" fail to bring the mood to an uppity level, "Dot," "Nothin'," and "Breath" will definitely strike a nerve. Just completely ignore the song "Hot Plates," which has this scary resemblance to Def Leppard during their Pyromania era.
1. Charligan
2. Nothin'
3. Dot
4. Nobody's
5. Wonder
6. Minute
7. Birds
8. Empty
9. MO. 63
10. Egg Timer
11. Gnugear (Hot)
12. Hotplate
13. Hey Bug
14. Breathe

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samedi 25 août 2007

Discography 1990-1999

He was born a few minutes after a full solar eclipse, on the dark side of the planet, as it slipped from the grasp of the shadow of the Moon. Raised behind Pete Pistol’s Wrecking Yard at the end of a dead end street, just north of Austin, Calvin Russell never left this place in his mind or his music. For the rest of us, he left it far behind. With a backdrop of roots Americana music rippling through the country, Calvin Russell re-emerges into the genre main stream, immediately recognizable as the real thing. He paid his dues in prison and in Paris, and now he has returned to his Texas Roots; by way of his two latest CDs, 'Rebel Radio' and 'In Spite Of It All'.
Calvin Russell’s been on this bus a long time. He came up with Townes Van Zandt, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Blaze Foley, Lucinda Williams, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jubal Clarke, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle, et. al. He went down on his own. A Prisoner Of War on drugs, Calvin endured the dark times by focusing on music and mastering his muse. And then this crusty country boy got discovered. By France – of all places.
Ten years and twelve CDs later, leaving behind legions of European fans (as in fanatics), Calvin Russell has come home. Playing many of Austin’s legendary music clubs, Calvin has been discovered again, and this time by Texans, by God. He's back in Texas, where he belongs and he's bringing his message back to the USA.

A Crack in Time (1990)

1. A Crack in Time
2. Living at the End of the Gun
3. Big Brother
4. I Should Have Been Home
5. Nothin'
6. My Way
7. Behind the 8 Ball
8. This Is My Life
9. Automated
10. Little Stars
11. North Austin Slim
12. Moments
13. One Step Ahead
14. Wagon to Stars

Sounds from the Fourth World (1991)

1. You're My Baby
2. Last Night
3. One Meat Ball
4. Crossroads
5. May Be Someday
6. Rockin' the Republicans
7. Baby I Love You
8. Love Stealer
9. You Don't Know
10. Down Down Down
11. One Meat Ball (acoustic)

This is Your World (1992)

1. This is Your World
2. My Love is So
3. This is My Life
4. All Along the Watchtower

Soldier (1992)

1. Soldier
2. Strangers
3. Characters
4. I dreamed I saw
5. Rats & Roaches
6. Down in Texas
7. Shackles and chains
8. This could be the day
9. This is your world (Memphis mix)

Le Voyageur (1993)

1. Living on the end of a gun
2. Characters
3. My way
4. One meatball
5. A crack in time
6. Crossroads
7. Play with fire
8. You don't know
9. Should've been home with you
10. Rockin' the republicans
11. It's just you
12. Down in texas
13. North austin slim
14. Maybe someday
15. Band Presentation
16. Last night
17. Right on time

Dream of the Dog (1995)

1. Don't turn your head
2. Trouble
3. Valley far below
4. We can live together
5. I gave my soul to you
6. So blue (about you)
7. You'll get yours
8. The Answer ?
9. It's my life
10. All we got is rock'n'roll
11. Keepin' the demons down

Calvin Russel '97 (1997)

1. Let the Music Play
2. Nothin' Can Save Me
3. I Want to Change the World
4. Desperation
5. Lovin' you
6. Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
7 My Love is So
8. Time Flies
9. Cut the Silver Strings
10. Drive By

Sam (1999)

1. Sam Brown
2. Common One
3. Wild Wild West
4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg)
5. The Hole (Townes Van Zandt)
6. That Wouldn't Be Enough
7. Where The Blues Get Born
8. Texas Bop ( James Luther Dickinson)
9. Retcha
10. Dream Of A Better World

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Mike Rutherford
Smallcreep's Day (1980)

This solid solo undertaking from the stalwart Genesis bassman shouldn't disappoint Genesis fans. Rutherford has recruited some prog heavyweights to serve as his band here: Anthony Phillips plays the Keyboards (!), Morris Pert (Brand X & later Talk Talk) provides percussion, and the estimable Simon Phillips (Eno/801, Pete Townshend, etc.) is behind the drum kit, thundering away on his trademark double bass drums. As well, Noel McCalla (otherwise unknown to me) is a fine singer. The songwriting is equally up to the high standards of the band: apart from Hackett's work, this is the best of the solo Genesis outings. In classic prog fashion, the lyrics are written around a single concept (the life of a lonely "nobody" in a dead-end job) and the tracks all run together. The opening "Moonshine" with its trademark Rutherford bass pedals, and infectious keyboards, is especially powerful, and the closing "At the End of the Day" is moving and anthemic. What lies between is simply very good prog, and makes SMALLCREEP'S DAY a good option for followers of Genesis, and progressive in general!

1. Moonshine
2. Time and time again
3. Romani
4. Every road
5. Overnight job
6. Smallcreep's day
I) Between the tick and the tock
II) Working in line
III) After hours
IV) Cats and rats (in this neighbourhood)
V) Smallcreep alone
VI) Out into the daylight
VII) At the end of the day

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