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Veiled (1996)

Leah Andreone's debut, Veiled, can be compared to Alanis Morissette at times — overtly sexual lyrics mixed with slinky, melodic alterna-pop. But her songs stand on their own with sincere and confessional content, often seeming like the tunes are a form of therapy for Leah. "It's Alright, It's OK" opens the album on an upbeat note, with an instantly memorable chorus kicking the song into high gear. "Happy Birthday" is the most Alanis-like track on the album, while other tracks such as the acoustic "You Make Me Remember," the rocking "Who Are They to Say," and the funky "Hell to Pay" all hit the mark. Although not as successfully experimental as her next album, 1998's Alchemy, Veiled does a more than adequate job of capturing Leah Andreone at her most basic and straightforward.

1. It's Alright, It's Ok
2. Happy Birthday
3. Mother Tongue
4. You Make Me Remember
5. Who Are They To Say
6. Problem Child
7. Come Sunday Morning
8. Kiss Me Goodbye
9. Hell To Pay
10. Will You Still Love Me
11. Imagining You

Alchemy (1998)

On her second album, Leah branched out in more experimental directions. this album is edgier and less glossy than her first album, Veiled, but that is not a bad thing. While Veiled was about healing, Alchemy (as the name implies) is about experimentation. And her phenominal understanding of the art of songwriting and musical composition are displayed well here. It stands as a testament to the quality of this album that eight years after it was released it is experiencing a resurgence thanks to being featured prominently on So You Think You Can Dance. This album wasn't really advertised at all, and never got radio exposure. Through the power of cult followings, it is finally getting some of the exposure it is due. This album is a gem waiting to be uncovered, and you will not regret purchasing it. I bought it when it came out originally, and I still listen to it regularly, as I do with Veiled too. You will love this album!

1. Sunny Day
2. Swallow Me
3. Bow Down
4. Starstruck Bastard
5. Porn
6. Tighten It Up
7. You Don't Exist
8. Dive In
9. Inconceivable
10. Try to Take Your Time
11. Pretty Freak
12. Fake
13. Private Affair
14. Lamentation

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omg thank you thank you thank you! i think you are the only one out there with the alchemy link. I love leah andreone. I used to listen to that album when it first came out and she was so powerful, so strong but i totally forgot about it until i woke up singing sunny day this morning ten years later.